Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heya Em

Hello I have invaded your blog. That is all

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

This, I'm pretty sure, is a photo that I will look back upon when I'm older and cry.

Although there are many, many others who aren't in this photo that are so dear to me, I'd give my life for each and every person in it, and those who aren't.

We are all together.

It had been weeks, months, years for some, who got to spend a weekend with the people they were closest to. And what a weekend it was.

Kyle and Pat now have matching head injuries; he fell and hit his head so hard on a trailer that the metal dinted and he started convulsing, after that he was rushed away in an ambulance.

This was taken the next day. He was completely fine, and just look at the smile on his face! But for a few hours early that morning, we thought we may have lost another one. Everyone joked about the situation but we all secretly felt more than a bit scared.

Dispite all that, Spud had a wicked night; everyone was maggoted by 5 in the afternoon and we went to bed at 4. What a weekend.

Toff and Ian are now good mates, and nearly everyone at the party wanted to kill Emo, it's like for a night the world went backwards, but when we woke up it had stayed like that.

We were all happy.

These are the days we wont ever forget.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I think I'm going to re-boot this blog, it's been with me through high-school and a few chunks of university, I'd kinda like to keep it alive for a little bit longer for old times sake.

I''m looking at courses at Ballarat University for 2010 for my Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education, turns out it IS offered in Gippsland still but I want to move, and Toff can only do his course in Melbourne or at BU. The move will do us good I think.

The only problem is that when we're up there, Bren and Spud may move back down to the valley, because Spud has been offered an apprenticeship by Sam from Ink Addicts doing tattooing. Just my luck, I'll be moving to Ballarat whilst my best friend moves back to the shit hole Valley. Well then it won't be much different to now I guess, we'll all have to do the same amount of travel for visits lol.

Life's pretty good; waiting for maccas to call me for my first shift, I've got the uniform now I just need the training lol, personally I couldnt give a crap if I find another job in between, I don't really wanna work there, but money is money after all.

Tony Montana no longer has testicles, he got fixed yesterday and isn't very impressed about it either.

..I'm in the computer lab right now and am supposed to be doing my essay for theory on contemporary film, it's interesting but I can't bring myself to do more than 3 lines atm.

I better go research or something at least.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Dani looking very much the coke dealer, I'd totally bone that hat, if i were another hat

Dani hugging Toffer awwwwwwwww!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Spiffy Pink Template

[Current Mood:] So-so
[Listening To:] Shakti's typing

On break from Printmaking right now, better get back soon ive got my copper etching floating in a vat of acid, better not leave it in there for too long 0__0!

I miss this blog ive neglected it so much over the past couple of months.

I can't wait to see Chris tonight, its getting harder and harder to leave his flat everytime i stay now, its starting to feel like home more than ever.

It feels like tis friday afternoon right now, and like there should be some wicked party i should be going to after Uni, but theres not, maybe its the weather? ugh i dont want to go to work tonight!

better get back to printmaking now....laters.

Emmy Fay

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Damn LiveJournal taking over my brain

[Current Mood:] Elated
[Listening To:] Birds

Man this thing hasnt been updated in forever, i feel really bad now.

Not much happening apart from Uni, painting stuff for people and working.

Oh what a glamourous life I lead.


Hoping to get shitloads of paintings done over the next couple of weeks, so i can put them up in the Cafe in
morwell, but wheter or not i do it is another thing.

Anyways I better go class is starting in 10 minutes and im always late. Damn Life Drawing.

Have a good one kids

Emmy Fay

Monday, May 15, 2006

Im So Cold

[Current Mood:] Freezing
[Listening To:] My teeth chattering

Im so bored..its my day off and chris is at work and dad's gone to visit his friend so im here all alone being cold and manky. thats pretty much it. Ill come back when im more interesting!

Emmy Fay